Judging System


Oriental Leaf Award

A journalist who has won five Bright Leaf awards regardless of category is automatically a recipient of the Oriental Leaf Awards and becomes a member of the Bright Leaf Hall of Fame.



  • The Secretariat will screen all entries based on form and completeness of requirements.

  • Entries will be sorted according to award categories.

  • A numerical code will be assigned to each entry to guarantee anonymity of contestants.


  • Judging will be via points system.

  • Entries with an average score of 85% and above will be elevated to Phase 2.

  • The decision of the judging panel of Phase 1 are final and not subject to appeal.


  • The scores for all entries that make it into Phase 2 will be reset to zero.

  • Judging will be via points system.

  • Entries with the highest score wins.

  • The decision of the judging panel of Phase 2 are final and not subject to appeal.

  • In case of a tie, the Chairman of the board of judges reserves the right to make the final decision…


  • The Winner of this award is chosen from the winners of the following categories: Best Agriculture TV Program/Segment, Best Agriculture Radio Program/Segment, Best Agricultural News Story Regional, Best Agriculture News Story National, Best Agriculture Feature Story Regional, Best Agriculture Feature Story National.

  • Voting is by secret ballot.

  • The second highest scorer in the category from which the winner of the Agriculture Story of the year will receive the award for the said category.

  • The Decision of the judges are final not subject to appeal.


Print (News-Feature)

  • Relevance   25 %

  • Impact   25 %

  • Objectivity   25 %

  • Research   15 %

  • Style   10 %


  • Composition/Relevance   40 %

  • Creativity   30 %

  • Impact   30 %

TV and Radio

  • Relevance   30 %

  • Impact   30 %

  • Objectivity   20 %

  • Research   20 %


Php 50,000.00 + iPad + Trophy + Asian Trip

  • Agriculture Story of the year

  • Tabacco Story of the year

  • Agriculture Photo of the year

  • Tabacco Photo of the year

Php 50,000.00 + Trophy + Asian Trip

  • Best Television Program or Segment

  • Best Radio Program or Segment

Php 20,000.00 + Trophy + Asian Trip

  • Best Agriculture News Story National

  • Best Agriculture News Story Regional

  • Best Agriculture Feature Story National

  • Best Agriculture Feature Story Regional

iPad + Trophy

  • Oriental Leaf Award